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We are happy to present you the functionalities that are available in the Reinsurance Technical Accounting Blockchain - RITA as well as the technology at an individual appointment in your company.

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RITA revolutionizes the exchange of reinsurance technical accounts. Processing operations, which currently take weeks or months, can be conducted in seconds by using Blockchain-Technology. The test operation for a productive use was started on the Reinsurance Administration Day in October 2018.

Individual integration

RITA can be connected to all reinsurance systems represented in the market. Pre-defined structures for PRORIS, SAP FS-RI and SICS as well as direct integration into PRORIS and SAP FS-RI provide a simple and fast integration into your company's individual process and system landscapes.



Reinsurance Administration Day 2020

Experience RITA Live at the Reinsurance Administration Day 2020 in Cologne.

Learn more about the results of the current RITA test operation and the first productive implementations.

6. Reinsurance Administration Day 2020

25.03.2020 ab 18:00 h (Vorabendevent)

26.03.2020 von 09:00 - 17:00 h



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